Programme Topics

Topics to be covered by MinWien2023:

Mineralogy & Crystallography
    (New) minerals & classification
    Properties of minerals & materials
    Crystal structure of minerals & related compounds
    Crystal chemistry & topology of crystal structures
    Phase transitions & HP mineralogy (non-ambient conditions)
    Recent analytical developments
    (Scattering) by neutron- and electron radiation
    Mineral & crystal physics
    Mineral textures & interfaces
    Fluid-rock interactions

Applied Mineralogy
    Environmental Mineralogy & technical applications
    Forensic Mineralogy
    Ceramics & glasses
    Building stones
    Archeometry & cultural heritage
    Biomineralogy & biomineralization
    Natural & anthropogenic environments
    Weathering, dissolving, adsorption & transport processes
    Development & applications of analytical methods

Lithosphere & Geochemistry
    From melt to rock
    Timing & duration of metamorphism & reactions
    Stable & radioactive isotopes
    Element & isotope transport in the lithosphere
    Geochronology & petrochronology
    Stable and radiogenic isotopes – clocks and tracers of rocks
    Mineral equilibria
    PT evolution of rocks
    Crustal & mantle fluid related processes
    Topotaxis of rock forming minerals
    Experimental petrology   

Mineralogy & Ore Deposits
    Raw materials, metals
    Industrial and ore minerals
    Genesis of ore & mineral deposits
    Economic minerals
    Field studies
    (Deposit) modelling & mapping
    Supergene enrichments

Open Session
    Gemmology & gemstones
    Mineral history
    Mineral teaching
    All aspects of Mineral and Petrological Sciences not fitting into the other sessions