Welcome Address

From time to time the Austrian Mineralogical Society shares its biennial meetings with Mineralogical Societies of neighbour countries. Such a joint meeting took place in September 1999 together with the 'Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft' (DMG) and the 'Magyarhoni Földtani Társulat' (MFT): ˋMinWien1999ˊ.

In 2019, there were first plans to continue this tradition of joint meetings between DMG and ÖMG, but this time in cooperation with the 'Slovenská Mineralogická Spoločnos' (SMS). The target was a meeting in September 2021, just between the emc2020 and the IMA conferences in 2022.

Unfortunately, MinWien2021 could not take place because of the COVID‐19 pandemic. We definitely refused an on-line conference but decided to postpone it in order to have a face-to-face event, albeit later. Providing the pandemic situation will admit trans‐border‐travelling within Europe and the meeting will be permitted by local authorities, the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography of the University of Vienna is highly pleased to host ˋMinWien2023ˊ from Sunday, 17 to Thursday, 21 September 2023. Fieldtrips will take us to the Slovak Republic. Also half day (sightseeing) tours during the conference are scheduled. Special efforts are strived to enable students and young researchers the participation.

We are very glad to welcome you at MinWien2023 in Vienna. The programme will highlight the importance of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences in the 21st century. Alongside the more traditional mineralogy we aspire a step closer towards the frontier sciences. In the focus lie new technological developments inspiring further opportunities, possibilities, and their results they offer for the full spectrum of Earth Sciences. They become essential for our everyday lives and emphasise the importance as basic besides fundamental science. The programme at the cutting edge of Mineral and Petrological Sciences will ensure a stimulating program. A multitude of scientific sessions will gather contributions along with several overarching themes.

As Vienna is well known for historical and architectural landmarks besides its Viennese Cuisine, there will be plenty of possibilities to relax after an exhausting day full of lectures and scientific discussions.

The local organizers of MinWien2023 are looking forward to warmly welcoming you to Vienna!